Quantity surveyors can make a valuable contribution to the following services:

Cost Planning

  • Establishing budgets from information provided at the feasibility stage, which may be limited to a schedule of net area requirements before any drawings are produced;
  • Controlling costs through the design stage to maintain the integrity of the established budget and to ensure that the owner receives the best value;
  • Evaluating the cost effectiveness of alternative building shapes, component specifications, and various materials and in addition the provision of cost checks at various key stages throughout the design process.

Value Analysis

  • Reviewing a project using systematic and creative effort directed at analyzing the functional requirements of a project for the purpose of achieving essential functions at optimum costs.

Project Finance

  • Analyzing the proposed budget to ensure inclusion of items normally associated with a project of its kind, as well as confirming that the budget is adequate to complete the project;
  • Periodic progress draw reviewing of the request for funds to determine that it is reasonable and to confirm that the remaining budget is adequate to complete the project;
  • Advising on the budget for indirect costs such as design, legal, marketing, leasing etc.


  • Providing independent advice, including practical experience in many facets of the industry, as well as a working knowledge of the arbitration process and related law.

Expert Evidence

  • Assisting legal counsel and appearing as an expert witness at trial.

Other Services

  • Life Cycle Cost Plans, Reserve Fund Studies, Property Conditions Reports, Risk Analysis, Insurance Replacement Cost Assessment, Project Management, Project Scheduling, Construction Management, Construction and Project Cash Flows, Material Take-offs